Jane Fraser is an award-winning writer of short story, historical fiction, memoir and haibun.

She lives and works in Llangennith, a small village at the north-western edge of the Gower peninsula, south Wales, in a house facing the sea which bears the full brunt of the south-westerly wind.

Her writing is infused with the tone of this prevailing wind, so much so, that as an homage, she has titled her first collection of short stories, The South Westerlies. This collection is to be published by acclaimed independent publisher of literary fiction, Salt,  in 2019 – its 20th anniversary.

Jane Fraser’s stories reflect place not as a cosmetic backdrop, but an affecting agent in the lives of her fictional characters and the actions they take in story. For her stories are the coming together of ‘psyche’ and ‘geography’ and psychogeographic methodology is central to their making as is walking a way into their writing.

Jane Fraser was awarded a PhD in Creative Writing from Swansea University in 2017. She also holds a B.Ed as a first degree and an MA (distinction) in Creative Writing.

The South Westerlies illustrate a landscape depicted with great specificity and detail, interfusing an exploration of place with the lives and perceptions of the characters who inhabit it… The stories display a sure grasp of the short story form and the techniques and processes of prose fiction… The collection is an original and valuable contribution to the literature of Gower and Wales.
— Tristan Hughes, Novelist, Short Story Writer and Academic

Her writing has figured consistently in many prestigious international writing competitions such as The Manchester Fiction Prize, The Fish Prize, The Rhys Davies Short Story Competition, and The Australian Book Review (ABR) Elizabeth Jolley Prize. She is a winner of both The British Haiku Society Prize and The Genjuan International Prize for haibun.

She has had numerous stories, memoirs, haibun, reviews and essays published in anthologies and literary magazines including New Welsh Review, The Lonely Crowd, Blithe Spirit and Swansea Review. She also delivers academic papers, in 2016 presenting Real Gower – a conversation between texts at Harvard University, Cambridge MA, and in 2017, presenting From Psychogeography to Fiction at Imperial College, London as part of the Great Writing International Conference on Creative Writing.


The South Westerlies is obviously the work of a serious, committed and thoughtful writer, open to both inner and outer realms, the quivering sensitivities of the self, and the tactile, textured world outside, a kind of aesthetic elision between character and place.
— Alan Bilton, Novelist, Short Story Writer, American Film & Fiction Critic and Academic

When she is not writing, Jane Fraser is Co-Director of NB:Design a brand and digital agency along with her husband Philip Griffiths, a designer and photographer. When she is not working or writing, she tries to be a good grandmother to Megan (10), Florence (8), and Alice (4). 




Hay Writers At Work
2018 selected for Creative Development Bursary

Manchester Fiction Prize
2018 highly commended for Soft Boiled Eggs
2017 finalist for Connective Tissue
2011-2016 highly commended for 7 short stories
Blackberries, Anticlockwise on the Circle Line, Words, Chasing the Shadow, There You Go, Just in Case & The South-Westerlies

TSS Publishing
2018 long-listed (flash fiction) Non-returnable

British Haiku Society (BHS)
2013 winner of BHS Haibun Prize, Urodynamics

Genjuan International Haibun Competition
2013 Grand Prix winner,
Towards Burry Holms

Fish Publishing Prize
2018 second place winner in short memoir competition for Where the Track Forks Left and Where the Track Forks Right
2018 short-listed in short story category, Plenty of Time, Joan
2018 short-listed in flash fiction category for Vinegar and Brown Paper
2016 runner-up in short memoir category, This is the Boat that Dad Built
2012-2016 short-listed for a further 4 entries in short memoir competition
2015 short-listed in flash fiction category
2013-2018 long-listed for 4 short memoirs, 3 poems, 2 short stories and 2 flash fiction entries

The Australian Book Review (ABR) Elizabeth Jolley Prize
2015 long-listed (short story),
The Gower Explorer

The Rhys Davies Short Story Competition
2014 runner-up,
After a Certain Age You Can Either Have Good Shoes or Good Feet

Writers & Artists (Bloomsbury) Competitions
2017 short-listed (short story),
Chasing the Shadow
2014 short-listed (historical fiction),

Longworth Editors’ Competition
2013 short-listed (short story),
Pain’s Cross

Momaya Press Short Story Competition
2018 short-listed for 2 short stories,
A Passing Front and After a Certain Age You Can Either Have Good Shoes or Good Feet
2013 honourable mention,

The South Wales Short Story Competition
2012 runner-up,
A Passing Front

The International Short Story Competition
2013 runner-up,

Allen Raine Short Story Competition
2012-2014 short-listed for 5 short stories




Salt Publishing
The South Westerlies
(short story collection)
forthcoming 2019

The Cardiff Review
2019 New Welsh writing series interview bit.ly/2W8GJ1v

TSS Publishing
2018 The Gower Explorer (short story)

The Lonely Crowd
2018 Edition 10 Leave a Light on For Me (short story) & On writing Leave a Light on For Me - an online essay on the story’s making
2017 Edition 8 Wasps (short story) & On writing Wasps - an online essay on the creative process

Fish Publishing
2018 Where the Track Forks Left and Where the Track Forks Right (2nd place in Short Memoir Competition) in Fish Anthology
2016 This is the Boat that Dad Built (runner-up in Short Memoir Competition) in Fish Anthology

Momaya Press
2018 A Passing Front and After a Certain Age You Can Either Have Good Shoes or Good Feet published in Momaya Short Story Review 2018
(available through Amazon and Momaya Press)
2013 Semibreves (honourable mention in Momaya Press Short Story Competition) in Music – an anthology of winning stories

2018 The Devil's Spit (short story)
2018 Just in Case (short story)
2018 What Songs, Here, Await Their Singing - an essay on the creative process

Wales Haiku Journal
2018 (spring) Fading Light
2018 (autumn) a haiku

Accent Press
2015 After a Certain Age you can either have Good Shoes or Good Feet (runner-up) in Catch of The Day and Other Stories from the Rhys Davies Short Story Competition 2014

 Candy Jar Press
2013 A Passing Front (runner-up in South Wales Short Story Competition) in The Countess and the Mole Man

 New Welsh Review
2016 article Latitude 51 degrees north Longitude 4 degrees west
2014 review The North End of the Possible by Andrew Philip
2014 review Bog Cotton by Ken Jones
2014 joint-review The Story of Gilgamesh by Yiyun Li and Taking Mesopotamia by Jenny Lewis

Swansea Review
2014 It is What it is (short story)
2013 A Passing Front (short story)
2012 Outback in the Outback (travel writing)

Blithe Spirit (1/4ly journal of the British Haiku Society (BHS)
2014 Vol. 23 No. 3 joint-review of Marching with Tulips and What Happens in Haibun by David Cobb
2014 Vol. 24 No. 2 judge's report on British Haiku Society (BHS) Haibun Competition 2014
2014 Vol. 24 No. 3 A White Owl (haibun)
2013 Vol. 23 No. 2 Urodynamics winning haibun British Haiku Society (BHS) Haibun Competition 2013

H’mm Foundation
2014 Nigel Jenkins – A Gower Man (essay) in Encounters with Nigel (Ed. Jon Gower)

Hailstone Haiku Circle
2015 Genjuan Haibun Contest Decorated Works 2012-2014
Towards Burry Holms (Grand Prix winner 2013)

Contemporary Haibun Online
2013 Seren y Sioe/Star of the Show; The Journey begin; The Journey Ends
2012 Chasing Cars


 2017 (1-2 July)
From Psychogeography to Fiction, Great Writing International Creative Writing Conference, Imperial College, London

2017 (22 February)
Walking My Way into Writing, PhD Methodology Workshop, Swansea University

2016 (20-22 July)
Real Gower – a conversation between texts, North American Association for the Study of Welsh Culture and History, Biennial Conference, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA